ISO Certification in New Zealand

Kiwi Certification provides Certification services to a variety of recognised Standards, covering areas such as Quality Management, Environmental Management, Occupational Health & Safety Management and Food Safety Management.

Certification can be granted for each of these categories individually, however whenever an organisation chooses to implement a Management System that covers more than one of these areas, for example a Quality/Environmental Management System or an Environmental/Safety Management System, it is possible to certify that system as an integrated Management System and certification to both the ISO 9001/ISO 14001-standards or the ISO 14001/ISO 45001-standards can be granted at the same time.

ISO 9001 Certification New Zealand

An IS0 9001-certified Quality Management System can assist a business to better control its processes, achieve its strategic objectives, enhance customer satisfaction and ensure Continual Improvement of its processes, all of which are vital to a sustainable future for any organisation.

ISO 14001 Certification New Zealand

An effective EMS will assist an organisation in identifying where and how its activities and/or products impact on the environment, determining the necessary control measures to reduce and/or mitigate these impacts, and to continually improve the environmental footprint it leaves.

ISO 45001 Certification New Zealand

ISO 45001 relates to ensuring workplaces are injury and illness free – by analysing the situation, performing a set of actions to ameliorate the situation, monitor those actions and adjusting if need be.