ISO 14001 Environmental Certification New Zealand

Improve New Zealand’s impact on the environment with an ISO 14001 Certification

KIWI Certification is New Zealand’s dedicated Certification Body, specialised in the provision of this internationally recognised level of Certification to Small and Medium sized (SME) companies in particular.

The eco-friendliness of organisations is becoming increasingly scrutinised these days. An ISO14001 Certification for Environmental Management Systems consists of analysing each aspect of the company and which activities impact poorly on the environment and how they can be improved. After performing this assessment, to receive ISO14001 certification, there must be groundwork laid down to rectify these issues, and a framework set-up to measure these changes, and make adjustments when necessary to move towards environmental optimisation.

Being an organisation that prioritises environmental management systems also enhances its reputation amongst clients and stakeholders, and vice versa if efforts aren’t made to minimise footprints.

What is ISO 14001 Certification?

Being certified to the ISO 14001 Standard demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to the Environment and that it has analysed its environmental impact, set objectives to improve its footprint, and set up an environmental management system that is the framework for future continual improvement.

The systems put into place must be measurable, so monitoring can be as effective as possible.

Key Benefits of having an ISO 14001 Certification include:

  • Reduction of the use of natural resources, pollution and waste
  • Legal compliance, reduction of liability
  • Savings on the cost of raw materials and waste management
  • Improved corporate image among customers and the public

As well as providing ISO 14001 Certifications for Environmental Management, we provide ISO 9001 Certifications for Quality Management Systems, and ISO 45001 Certifications for OHS Management.

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ISO 14001 Certification New Zealand