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Kiwi Certification is a New Zealand dedicated, specialised provider of this internationally recognised level of Certification to Small and Medium sized (SME) companies in particular.

Customer satisfaction is the foundation for the success of an organisation. To create the basis for a sustainable future, a commitment to quality must be made and the customer must come first. Receiving an ISO 9001 certification helps organisations in New Zealand get better control over its operations, create meaningful objectives, and set up a quality management system that monitors the strengths and weaknesses of your business to work towards optimisation.

Being ISO 9001 certified is often seen as a pre-requisite for suppliers in many industries these days.

New Zealand businesses can benefit from an ISO 9001 Certification in many ways including:

  • Evidence of your commitment to providing quality products and services;
  • Emphasise the value you attach to customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced consistency and effectiveness in your processes
  • Continual improvement of your company’s performance and results

What is an ISO 9001 Certification?

Any firm in New Zealand can receive ISO 9001 accreditation for Quality Management Systems. Getting this certification means your organisation has set up a process structure to make sure clients’ expectations are being met and exceeded, and customer satisfaction is being maximised.

This framework must include monitoring strategies so the benefits can continue into the future, and the focus is on long-term, continuous improvement, rather than short term fixes.

As well as providing ISO 9001 Certifications for Quality Management, we provide ISO 14001 Certifications for Environmental Management, and ISO 45001 Certifications for OHS Management.

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